LJ Engineering

Model 329-500 Vacuum Regulator With Remote Filter

All Model 329 Vacuum Regulators bleed a very small amount of ambient atmosphere (surrounding air) into the regulator while regulating at a constant vacuum setting. A fine wire mesh screen is provided in the regulators without a remote filter. Any small particulate matter that is present in the surrounding air environment will tend to accumulate on the screen. The Remote Filter Kit provides approximately 30 times more filter surface area that the standard filter screen. The optional Remote Filter is recommended when the regulator is used in an environment containing dust and particulate matter or for continuous operation which will tend to accumulate dust and dirt buildup over long periods of time. A regulator can be ordered with the filter installed at the factory by ordering the Part Number 329-500.

A Remote Filter Kit Part Number 329-300 is designed for field installation on existing 329 regulators. The filter is easily removable for cleaning and reuse. The Remote Filter Kit is easily installed requiring the use of only screwdrivers and wrenches once access to the regulator's mounting face is available. The Remote Filter has a quick disconnect fitting for easy removal during cleaning. The filter element is made from stainless steel screen which can be easily washed for reuse.


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