LJ Engineering

Model 453-001 Electronic Test Chamber

Operational Features:

  • Simulates the entire operating range of the Model 451 Automatic Ripcord Release for in field testing
  • Simple, rapid functioning with electronic interlocks to assure correct operational sequence during testing
  • Preselect capability for both altitude and rate of descent settings
  • Automatically captures display readings for both altitude and rate of descent at instant of AR2 actuation

Operational Ranges:

  • 0 to 40,000 Feet Altitude MSL
  • 0 to 240 Feet per Second


  • Electronic Pressure Transducer with LED Display Readings in one-foot increments
  • Remote altitude source connection provided through a quick-disconnect fitting

Rate of Descent:

  • Electronic LED display indicates rate of descent to one-tenth foot per second
  • Servo-controlled rate of descent maintains rate setting throughout entire altitude range

Power Requirements:

  • Standard configuration: 120 VAC, 50/60 HZ, 5 amp, with ground pin
  • Optional configuration: 240 VAC, 50/60 HZ, 2.5 amp, with ground pin

Carry/Storage Case:

  • Molded Polyethylene housing with gasket and carrying handles
  • Interior padded with shock cushioning foam
  • Exterior dimensions: 26 X 19 X 12.2 Inches

Weight with Case:

  • 65 pounds


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