LJ Engineering

Model 451 Automatic Ripcord Release (AR2)

The Model 451 Automatic Ripcord Release (AR2) is an automatic activation device for use with military free-fall parachute systems. The AR2 is "Type Classified" for use in the U.S. Armed Forces. Its all mechanical operation senses altitude and rate of fall, allowing it to be connected to either a main or reserve parachute.



  • All mechanical operation--eliminating problems with batteries, electromagnetic interference, and pyrotechnic cutters.
  • Adjustable activation altitude setting from 500 ft msl to 25,000 ft msl.
  • Senses altitude and rate of fall--allowing use on either the main or reserve parachute.
  • Aneroid leak indicator--providing a means to determine the aneroid's condition prior to use.
  • Instantly detachable from the parachute rig--allowing an AR2 to be transferred immediately to another parachute.
  • Type Classified by U.S. Military.
  • Waterproof version available


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